Friday, February 4, 2011

A Quick, Crocheted Potholder Pretty

This quick, crocheted potholder pretty is a snap to make and looks elegant - while filling a utilitarian purpose.

I found a lovely colored cotton yarn at a local (WM) store. Basically beige - almost ecru, with flecks of deep brown and rust. I used 2 strands for extra thickness and safety of use.

The potholder pattern I chose made up quickly and gave me a feeling of some purpose during my recuperation from the recently popular bug-crud. Not having much energy - but not sleepy, I created/crocheted something useful. (Not that the gazillions of potholders filling my linen closet at this point don't already fit that bill!)

Who cares! It was fun, and I have a girlfriend with an upcoming birthday.

Recipe for a quick potholder;

-2 2-oz. balls cotton yarn (I used Lily Sugar 'n Cream, "Sonoma Print"
- Size H crochet hook
-About 4 hours

1. (FIRST ROW) crochet chain stitch 33 stitches.
2. (SECOND ROW) SC (single crochet) into BACK of third stitch from hook, continue SC into BACKS of stitches across first row, chain 2, turn.
3. (THIRD ROW) SC in BACK of next stitch and repeat second row for a total of 31 rows.
4. After last SC, chain approximately 10 stitches, ST (slip stitch) into last SC, weave threads into back of potholder for 8 to 10 stitches, cut off.

To make these crocheted potholders safer for use, I do three things:
  • -Use double threads
  • -Crochet into back of stitches of previous rows, giving the surface more depth and thickness
  • -Use cotton thread so the potholders can be shrunk a bit in hot water and a hot dryer.
For shrinking purposes, they begin life a bit bigger than a normal potholder.

Try this easy pattern; let me know how you may have changed it...or not? Send me a picture and I'll post it.

This potholder is basically the same pattern as mine except the stitches do not go into the back stitches of the previous rows.

These potholders are octagonal - very pretty and easy to put together, as well.

This pattern has fascinated me for years! These blogs makes this look like a snap to create. Let me know if it is as easy as it looks; leave a comment. (this has 3 U-Tube videos)

Happy crocheting!

As always, Nature prevails.