Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hollow Cube Quilted Potholder; you CAN quilt!

If you can sew simple projects using straight stitching, you can quilt! The pleasure of quilting potholders is the size of the project; one block is all it takes. Time is your friend.

So let's begin to step a bit out of the box, stretch our comfort zone and bring triangles into the house of potholders. The magic is...we're making an itty, bitty potholder with an itty bitty amount of fabric. So, if you make a mistake, very little fabric is lost and the quilting experience you will gain is priceless.

Triangles and quilting are a combination that have always caused me stress and sent me running back to the safe, easy, simple square...and its unlimited variations. But learning how to quilt can depend as much on the ease and simplicity of a tutorial as it does on the ability to sew. This video below explains the creation of a hollow cube pattern using six triangles. Presented in an easy, step by step process, this tutorial will ensure the success of your project. Your finished potholder will be creative and pretty and will demonstrate your new-found quilting finesse!

Yes, you CAN quilt!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Creative Crocheted Potholders

Potholders come in all manners of creation. Some of the prettiest I've seen are crocheted. This week, several crocheted cuties stood out. They look a bit complex, but obviously - doable.

Getting prepared for Christmas can be stressful - particularly in these economically troubled times. Crocheting a couple pretty potholders that your friends will enjoy for years to come, is a feasible, inexpensive way to show your Love. A homespun project such as a beautifully crafted potholder will give smiles and enjoyment. Yarn is fairly inexpensive and you probably have crochet needles already. Crochet patterns are straightforward; we'll cover some in the next post.

Sarah London has a "wooleater" pattern that she displays as a potholder or a blanket on her site. Beautiful work Sarah!

Want a detailed, colorful Poinsettia to widen your friend's eyes on Christmas morning? This crocheted Poinsettia potholder is the perfect choice. (Read this touching story about Maria and Pablo, and how the Poinsettia became a symbol of Christmas).

Are roses your passion? This complex looking Rose potholder and hot-pad set will test your crochet talents, but appears a worthy project. How delicate and classy this will appear on your friend's kitchen wall!

If you want to touch the heart of a friend this Christmas, this sweet-looking heart-shaped potholder is your key.

Want a quick, weekend project to assist your Christmas list? Check out the sites above to engage your creative side. You'll relax, create, produce and check off your holiday list - all in a few, enjoyable hours.

Happy crocheting!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CRAFTY CROCHET; Pretty Potholders

Most of us want something to do while we watch TV, sit by the fireplace or just feel creative. Most of us crochet, at least the basics such as single and double crochet stitches. There you are; potholder pretties comin' up!

The following sites have some creative ideas with fairly simple patterns. This little cutie will catch the eye of everyone who visits your kitchen, especially the kitty lovers in your circle. There are several more patterns on this site. This heart-shaped potholder is not only pretty, but uses rags for its creation, a utilitarian project.
This site gave me pause; these may be the prettiest potholders ever! So many patterns, so little time. If you go to craft shows, you've probably seen this potholder already. The pattern directions are easy and well photographed.

http: // This log cabin quilt block look-alike is unusual and classy, definitively one from the 'guesthouse' potholders. Towards the bottom left of the page, they have a list of other patterns, very much worth your time if you're looking for unique patterns.
These crochet books from 1944 and 1950, might interest you if you enjoy making potholders of various shapes such as cowboy boots, strawberries, gingerbread men, etc.

I wanted something different for my last craft show. A pattern for a 'scrubby' popped up and looked so intriguing, I made it as a potholder (just made it a bit larger). After one row of single crochet stitches, I alternated triple crochet stitches with single ones. The effect is a 'bumpy'/'nubby' texture, quite lovely and unique. Let me know if you try it, we'd enjoy hearing your thoughts about it.

"Tangled Yarns" has the pattern at the link below.

Happy crocheting, from Potholders Plus.