Saturday, April 30, 2011

Helpful Hints for Potholder Batting/Filling

The inside of your potholder is the most important part, obviously.

Found this well-written, informative site on potholder filling/batting. Looking through some of the ideas listed there might add to your potholder toolbox for later creations.

-I use Insul-Bright and find a double layer is necessary. The potholders made with one layer worked for awhile until they had to deal with a very hot pan; ouch! Lesson learned.

-Old toweling for my potholders was cumbersome/thick, but fairly heat resistant.

-Silence Cloth sounds multipurpose - for many uses. Please comment if you've used it and what your thoughts are.

This link,, is simply a neat potholder & recipe book pattern I tripped onto during my batting travels online. Thought it might fit your next creative urge! This pattern calls for simple flannel as the innards of their creations. Let me know how this works.

This site,, Mama's Cottons advertised some interesting retro fabrics - at a reasonable price. Retro is a bit off-task here, but my admiration of things old with fabrics, led me momentarily astray. Besides...for those of you who might be here in partial preparation for your next potholder creation, her designs might spark your interest. If you buy from her site, please leave a comment on your experience.

If you have a stuffing/batting/filling trick or two for your potholders, let us know. Leave a comment or reach me at

You can always use one more potholder...