Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Mini-quilting": One potholder at a Time

Some of us enjoy the look of quilting; the perfectly matching corners where the colors meet, the interconnected beauty of delicate, pretty fabrics and designs, etc. We even enjoy the sometimes slow, precise, painstaking work of putting all these special shapes and sizes into their proper place to fashion a quilt block. But "times" 64 or 96? Maybe not. So, the quilt experience may get tabled and put off for 'later'.

Enter, the lowly potholder! Just 1 quilt block and you have a beautifully fashioned, yet usable potholder. Quite magical.

100 Quick to Quilt Potholders, by Jeanne Stauffer, contains pages of potholders created from every imaginable quilt block. (click on the sidebar picture of this book to see more details). Maybe these beauties only decorate a kitchen wall, showing off your creativity and finesse with a needle, but there are certainly worse jobs in life... I don't think they mind.

With Christmas approaching, a pretty, quick potholder may fit your needs.

As you can see, the lowly potholder...can be a 'classic', in its own right. The potholder has moved over to the 'guest' quarters...

Nature prevails.


  1. quilted potholders are some of my favorite kitchen decorations. I've seen them used as valances for a simple muslin curtain, or as chair backs. But I think my favorite way to use quilted potholders is the one Lizzie came up with this summer.

    She's confiscated her Mom's pot holders and now uses them as comforters for her babies when she lines them up on either side of her to sleep at night. Then one very special one, with a pink frog on it, she uses on her pillow to make it "softier".


  2. Hi Jan,

    Lizzy is so creative! What a noval use for potholders. Leave it to the littl'uns to use their imagination.

    Did you make the pink frog potholder?

    Thanks for stopping by; always a pleasure to see you.



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