Monday, November 8, 2010


I have received several questions in my e-mail,, regarding information related to this site and the making of the lowly potholder. Please accept my apologies for the lack of input to this site for over a year. Serious, ongoing illness in our family, in addition to a move to Missouri, has pulled me in numerous directions with no time left for serious writing.

My plans include returning to this site shortly, with weekly, detailed photos and directions for special potholders and other small, easy-to-make items. There will be continued, numerous links to related potholder sites for each post, such that readers can have numerous and different methods available for each project. I believe every crafter has varying ways to approach a similar idea such that the more information they have to fashion a particular item, the better their chances of success.

My intentions remain for creating a site which gives pertinent information for creating pretty, easy-to-make and unique potholders including lots of detail and photos. I want to give all crafters and quilters alike, the opportunity for learning and growing in their abilities and capacities with quilting, sewing and crocheting potholders. A small project such as a lowly yet useful - sometimes most necessary potholder, can give quick quilting or crafting results...building confidence and inventory for their creators - with a small amount of effort, time and expense.

See you in a few weeks. Get your machines ready and your supplies handy. The lowly potholder will arrive - stage left...soon.

As always, Nature prevails.


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