Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mama, Am I Pretty?

As you crochet your newest, prettiest potholder, or put together an intricately layered, pretty quilted one, consider the following poem about pretty.

This poem is taken directly from my new, favorite author's website,   C. J. Heck writes, publishes and speaks to children of the world.  Her insights are deep and meaningful, her talents - obvious.

Mama, Am I Pretty? - (from "Barking Spiders 2")

Mama, am I pretty?
"Why do you ask?" She said.
She held me gently to her
and kissed me lightly on my head.

"Your clothes are neatly ironed,
your face and hands are clean.
You're such a sweet child, little one,
what does your question mean?

Mama, am I pretty?
I really need to know.
Am I pretty like the other girls
at school where we all go?

"You have a very loving heart.
You're gentle, kind and good.
Your friends all think the world of you,
anybody would."

But Mama, am I pretty?
Sometimes kids point or stare.
I've got these real thick glasses
that I wish I didn't wear.

Mama said my time would come,
be patient and I'd see.
The things that really matter
were there, inside of me.

I didn't mean to shout ...
Then mama smiled and told me,
"Sweetheart, yes, inside and out."

Consider one of C. J.'s books as a perfect gift for your favorite child(ren) this holiday. Barking Spiders, and other such stuff is available at this link:

Midwest Book Review comments on Barking Spiders: "...Often funny, sometimes introspective, always honest, these poems form a brilliant introduction for young readers to the magic of poetry and rhyme."

We so often use words like pretty and beautiful.  What does that really mean? C. J. says,

"That's beautiful!  This is what we say or think when we see the sun rise or set over the ocean, see a spectacular view, or a good-looking man or woman. But what we should ask is, where does the appreciation of that beauty originate? Where does our ability to understand beauty come from? It's right there, in our own consciousness."

Visit C. J.'s website, read her interviews, get to know a lady who Loves children and respects and understands the joys of Nature and the Universe that we all share.

Enjoy more information about C. J. and her profound writing  from You don't have to be a child to enjoy C. J.; check out her e-zine articles, guaranteed to leave a footprint or three on your heart.


  1. Hello, Danielle,
    I don't know what to say -- Thank you. You've humbled me by your warm and caring article.
    My very warmest regards,
    Your friend,

  2. You are welcome!

    I so enjoy your continuing e-zine articles, C. J. You write such profound and insightful thoughts.

    Thank you for visiting.



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