Wednesday, February 20, 2013


In tempo with our kitty corner expansion here on potholdersplus, (Le Petit Chat), you can now indulge yourself with all sorts of cat fabrics to create your latest and greatest scrappy quilted cat projects.  Several web-sites sell lovely fabric filled with kitty pics of all varieties. has Christmas cats, Vintage cats, bad cats, realistic cats, cats for children and variations therein. There are large prints to center your favorite cat picture inside a random scrappy quilted potholder, as we did for our February giveaway.


Or, you can combine all sorts of random cat fabrics and allow your creativity to run amuck..okay, at least run a tad wild?

For $33.15 you can belong to the quilted cat quarters club and receive up to 3 coordinating colors to enhance any project that may be percolating in your quilted imagination. And if you are anywhere near Blandon, Pennsylvania, hop in your little mobile and stop by the store;they would so enjoy helping you discover your heart's delight! as Katbeary's Fabric Shoppe, takes their cat-staff very seriously! (too funny!)  I'm particularly attracted to the "head clerk", near the bottom of the page:

 Photo of Kohanna, below, taken from Katbeary's Fabric Shoppe at

Kohanna: Head Clerk, Katbeary's Fabric Shoppe
Though still in training, Kohanna vows
to make Katbeary purroud.
She knows she has big paws to fill!

"Hello Kitty" brand name has an interesting origin, according to Wikipedia;  "Hello Kitty (ハローキティ Harō Kiti?)[3] (full name Kitty White (キティ・ホワイト Kiti howaito?))[2] is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, first designed by Yuko Shimizu. She is portrayed as a female white Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow.[1] The character's first appearance on an item, a vinyl coin purse, was introduced in Japan in 1974 and brought to the United States in 1976."

Many fabrics use this kitty logo and can be found at Sy Fabrics, the find, the fabricworm as well as Hobby Lobby, and many other online stores.   

NOTE:  I favor Hobby Lobby whenever I can, as I respect their willingness to stand up to the government to protect their religious values.

So pullout your scrap box/drawer/jar or wherever those anxious little leftovers live.  Take stock of your colors and pick out a matching cat fabric from any of these websites and begin your new and exciting scrappy quilted cat creation.

Now don't forget to share your works of art with us here at potholdersplus.  We will gladly show off your lovelies; let us know when you're ready.


Potholders...there's always room for one more!

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