Saturday, February 9, 2013


Pink is pretty; it's gorgeous; it is the color of angel wings, little butterflies and soft puffies before and after sunrises and sunsets. I love pink! I digress.

The Pink Penguin, Ayumi's website, is all about pinkish colors in her perfect tute on scrappy quilted place mats. At potholdersplus, placemats are a part of the plus.  They go with potholders, oven mitts, etc.  And besides...scrappy quilting...IS scrappy quilting - an unlimited palette of design and colors.

Ayumi takes scrappy quilting to an organized, more classy height than my scrappiness thus far.  And since I quiver at even the thought of bindings (I just know I will die at the hands of a binding creature that will eat me in the night!), Ayumi's easy, clear instruction on her binding, gives me hope. 

Her tutorial is so clearly defined - each step is an organized direct result of the previous step; even a beginner could follow her lead and finish a place mat worth showing off.

The simplicity of her center machine quilting sets off the sidelines; it gives a beautiful linear contrast that actually connects the stark white with the perpendicular direction of the colorful side pieces. And the addition of the the perfect finishing touch to an awesome, yet easy project.

Nice job, Ayumi! We'll be watching your site for some more scrappy quilting projects.

If you have a scrappy quilted project you want to show off - here's your chance.  Leave a comment and we'll post your picture(s).  Send them to

The lowly potholder...there's always room for one more!


  1. Thank you for writing such a sweet post about my place mat tutorial, Danielle! It's been almost three years since I wrote the tutorial. I am so happy to know that it is still used by crafty people!

  2. Ayumi,

    Thank you for stopping by!

    Some projects are timeless in their beauty, simplicity, creativity and precision. We thank you for your great tutorial, and for allowing us to write about it.



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