Saturday, January 12, 2013


Our potholder giveaway now has a buddy; 2 kitty pretties will go to a new kitchen on February 1st.

Leave a comment below and these kitties may follow you home. Let us know how you put together your scraps.

-Do you use matching sized strips as Chantilly does on mygirlthursday, and Liesl on lieslmade?

-Do you cut your center piece with 4 or 5 sides or another particular shape?

-Maybe you cut your square pattern into even pieces?

-Or you take the time to apply detailed heirloom stitching along your seam lines?

-How do you fill your pretties?  Do you use Insul Brite, a Mylar/poly batting that is made specifically for heat resistance? How about Warm and Natural brand batting?  I use both.  I've seen other quilters do well with different fillings; there are sites that use denim, fleece, old towels and washcloths. What's your favorite method?

-What is your favorite way to finish a potholder?  Do you turn them inside out, or use the traditional quilt binding method or do you bring the back around as I did in the 2 giveaway potholders?  (My binding skills are a struggling work-in-progress!).  Maybe you have some hints that have helped you improve your binding skills?  I'd so love to hear them! 

Lets take a hint from the two kitty cuties below and let's talk sewing!

Have you tried the scrappy/crazy/quilt-as-you-go method on a new potholder yet? This quick, creative method utilizes your scrap bin and lets your imagination go wild.  No two creations are the same and the variations of this quilting method are numerous. Take a chance; if you are a new sewer, wanting to learn to quilt, this is the perfect beginning.

Let's hear from you and get your name into the hat.  Less than 3 weeks remaining till the drawing. Make a comment below or e-mail me at

With potholders, there's always room for one more!

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