Tuesday, January 1, 2013

(The Little Cat)

Cats thread through the essence of humanity as they wander through books, movies, zoos, animal shelters, back yards, in the wild as well as in wildlife preserves, back alleys, pet shops, our laps, etc.

Cats teach us independence, relax us with their indescribable purring.  Their sleekness, flowing movements, and softness touch our souls.  Their claws can sometimes instill fear.  But always, they leave us in awe.

They sport colors and patterns that rival a rainbow, yet their cunning can be and often is, lethal. 

Books like The Tiger expose their intelligence and ferocity, give us insight into the soul and depth of the largest feline on our world.  Books such as the The Cat Who series gives credence to the extent that cats are ingrained into our culture, our thinking, our deepest feelings.  Magazines such as Cat Fancy share cat beauty, stories and information. (NOTE: the December 2012 issue showcases a "Snowshoe" breed). Our mere housecat shares our intimate moments, our joys and our sorrows.  Humanity walks with cats.

Though the big cats remain, for the most part, in the perimeter areas of our world, the myriad of little cat breeds thread through our every-days in uncountable ways; they enhance our existence.

This new corner of www.potholdersplus.blogspot.com will cater to all things cat.  We will wander through the depths of cat history and the latest news about cats, while creating, showcasing and sharing tutorials regarding potholders ‘plus’ things with fabric, design and utility – centered on the beauty that is – cat.

Need a new potholder or pillow to add to your ‘cat collection’? Enter our contests and giveaways; learn little tips and shortcuts to the easy art of potholder and pillow-making and maybe add to your cat-collection of goodies.  Visit us as the weeks and months pass; interact with our site.  All comments, ideas, sewing and quilting tips/tricks, questions on anything sewing/quilting related or about cats - are WELCOME.

Read some of the books we’ll showcase and share with us your opinions.  Stop by.  Visit a spell.  Be a part of this little corner of cat-land. Grow in the wonder of everything…cats.

Our first giveaway is the kitty potholder above.  Made with double insul-brite inside, durable muslin backing and edging, this pretty can live in your kitchen for FREE.  Send us your thoughts on cats, a potholder trick or tip to share with our readers and fellow quilters/cat staff. Maybe you design a variation of the above scrappy quilting - we'd enjoy hearing from all of you.

*****February 1st will be the drawing for this little kitty-pretty.*******

Remember our motto...There's always room for one more!

E-mail me at daniellesimone0@gmail.com. 


We dedicate Le Petit Chat to our Lilylou, our 17 year old Snowshoe feline who tiptoes through our days on her little white cat feet.  

She fills my dreams as she settles herself through the dark hours with her ‘cheekie’ snuggles around my neck.  Sadness fills my heart as I watch her aging process slowly steal her energy, her vitality and her life force.  But she never resigns her capacity for Love and tenderness. 

Her enduring tenacity as she gives her utmost bravery through each day with her waning hind leg strength, her failing eyes and loss of hearing…perseveres. 

She strengthens my own - sometimes waning engagement with aging; she sets the bar I cannot ignore.  I sometimes lose my thoughts gazing into her wise, wide, blue and aging eyes. Her Love and purring never fail; she is my shining light, my beacon of Love and caring. 

Lilylou, my life-light; I dedicate this endeavor to you…mon petit chat.

Happy New Year!


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